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YD Sydney Leader Started the Study of Book of Exodus

By YD Intl

Sydney -

Following the guidance and recommendation of YD HQ, the representative of YD Sydney Missionary Feitong started her study of messages of Exodus.

In the message it says, "The one who studies Exodus and not studied Exodus are very different. - the book of Exodus is not just a book a few thousand years ago, talking about the life of Israelites, but it is a book very close to the people of God today. Exodus is a book which teaches the wisdom of spiritual battle and basics of faith, helping the people of God to set up the fearful heart towards the Lord and the true knowledge of salvation."

"Actually I just taught students this book, but it is different that I study it myself. The message says that we should always with the heart to seek how I can apply the message to my life. I hope I can with this heart to study Exodus again, truly hearing the voice that God speaks to me." said Missionary Feitong.

Please pray for YD Sydney mission that God can use His own words to bring the revival in members' hearts and mission.

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