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YDPT Mission letter - History of YD Portugal

By YD Intl

In October of 2004, the first Young Disciple of Jesus of Europe continent was set up in Portugal by Chiara who is from Macau of China. She started doing the mission in the university of Lisboa.

By God's guidance and grace, there are many students who are longing for the words and love of God join the Bible study and fellowship in the campus. By the work of the holy spirit, some students are moved and are changing their lives step by step by the words and love of God and the first native member called Helder who is participating the mission to evangelize, share the grace and words of God to other students.

By the guidance of God, Young Disciples of Jesus in Portugal expended its mission to University of IST, ISEL and ISEG. it gathers more students together to join the fellowship and Bible study in various nations and languages, from Portugal, China, Macau and Africa, it is truly a multi- culture fellowship.

Since last October, I went to HK to joined the retreat and also received some training and did mission in HK till this April I returned back to Portugal continue Young Disciples of Jesus mission. Even though there are many difference between this 2 places, but I can see the emptiness and aimless in their lives, the things they truly need is the word of God which can be filled up their heats and light their lives.

Europe was developed Christian continent but grow very slowly . Portugal has the same problem of many nations of Europe that the churches are not focus on the right way and also the individualism, materialism and freedom, the young people are leaving the church, and most of the Christian are not true Christian. even many of young people gave up their religion because of unsatisfied in the need of spirit.

In Portugal, there are some groups of youth and fellowships are having gathering in universities, but they are almost not evangelizing and teaching Bible in campus, so the hearts of students could not be filled up and thier faith could not grow well. For the plan of God and see the suffering of sorrowful souls , I return back Portugal to share a deeper words of God and comfort and heal the sorrowful heats, I hope Young Disciples of Jesus became the true light for this nation to shine all the people who are in the darkness.

Young Disciples of Jesus is fulfilling the commands of Christ that to preach the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached across the world.

Goal of 2007 to the end of 2008
1. Enlarge YD mission in Portugal
- set up native leader and more members
- doing mission in 3 more universities
- pioneer city of Coimbra
- set up YD centers in university of IST, ISEL and Lisboa
- make campus website with university of IST, ISEL and Lisboa

2. extend YD mission to 3 continents together
-Europe: UK,Italy, Sweden
-South America: Brazil (Portugues speaking nation)
-Africa: Cape Verde and Angola (Portugues speaking nations)

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